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Who We Are!


We are proud professionals providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients in everything we do.

Our Beginning

INQU, LLC was formed in 2010 out of a long-standing passion of its members to work together in creating something truly unique and powerful.

A company whose core values embrace a commitment to the highest integrity in everything we do and in providing employees and clients only top-quality support services within a culture of caring, dedicated people who feel like they are part of a family that not only work hard together, but dedicate time to enjoy life, away from the office.

Our Mission

We are a service-oriented company focused on providing highly qualified and experienced Engineering and Technical personnel as well as Financial, Administrative and Managerial professionals who have the right mix of education, experience, certifications, and industry understanding to effectively deliver quality service on day one. 

Our Team

At INQU, our employees are our most valuable assets we have. Every one of our employees takes great pride in the work they perform and the support services they provide to their customers. We fully embrace the “Team Concept” whereby our teams have the management flexibility and technological agility to integrate seamlessly with our customers teams and assimilate into a customer organizations’ culture to achieve outstanding results in meeting/exceeding customer requirements.

Our Capabilities

At INQU we pride ourselves in the services that we provide not only to our customers but also to our employees.  We support our customers through proven technologies, processes, and experienced and skilled employees that ensure cost effective and innovative solutions are sought, embraced, and implemented. 


INQU provides engineering and technical support in a broad range of engineering disciplines (i.e., Aeronautics, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Computer, Civil, etc.) as well as Systems Engineering, Program Management, Software and Network Development, Software Programming, Environmental Compliance, Mission Base Requirement Development, Test Program Integration, Quality and Safety Planning, and a host of other Financial, Administrative, and Managerial support roles.


INQU’s leadership and most of our employees have been supporting the US Government and its agencies for over 15 years with many of us having more than 20, 30 and even 40-plus years of experience supporting our customer and their organizations.

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